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Thermal and Bio Analysis Laboratory

The following are the works currently being carried out in our laboratory:

  • Solar water splitting for Hydrogen generation.
  • Comparison of the growth rate of free cells and immobilized cells, mainly in terms of hydrodynamics, transport phenomena and design of reactor.
  • Enhance the extraction efficiency of bioactive compounds (mainly carotenoids) from microalgae by using Nano materials.
  • Thermal, Shockwave and Structural analysis over a military aircraft vehicle by both experimental and computational means.
  • CFD Analysis on heat transfer enhancement techniques.
  • Cellulose extraction from biomass for biocomposite films.
  • team

    Details of Research Scholars:

    The following research scholars are current pursuing their doctoral programme.

  • Mr. A Nagarajan
  • Mr. K Lakshmanan
  • Mr. A Dinesh Kumar
  • Mrs. R Delma Jones Rufina
  • Mr. K Bharathidasan