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Food Process Engineering Laboratory

The Food Process Engineering Laboratory (FPE) was established as a part of research laboratories in the Department of Chemical Engineering, A.C.Tech, Anna University by Dr.V.Sivakumar, Associate Professor in the year 2015 to study and develop cost-effective, innovative processing methods and technologies in the field of chemical and food technology that tender to current needs in both academic and industrial sector by implementing progressive research methodologies.

The laboratory houses processing equipment and analytical instruments to help in conducting original and inventive research. The lab supports research activities of doctoral researchers and post graduate students and fosters innovative research on food processing technologies in the areas of Extraction, Drying, Food Packaging, Biofuels and Effluent treatment. The current research activities carried out in the lab are :

  • Extraction of polyphenols, natural colorants and oils from native and underutilized plants, seeds and food wastes using cost effective process technologies.
  • Development of biodegradable food packaging solutions from naturally available resources using commercially viable and scalable methods.
  • Studies on different drying techniques of underutilized fruits and their effects on the nutritional properties thus creating new supplements with extended shelf life.
  • Valorisation of agro industrial wastes to prepare nano particles that find interesting and useful applications in the production of polymer composites.
  • Production of biofuels from various indigenous lignocellulosic biomass and vegetable oils to be used as alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Development of energy efficient process methods to treat waste water from agro industries and recover them for reuse.
  • The lab aims to establish a lab scale bio refinery unit for complete utilization of biomass by isolating cellulose, lignin and hemicelluloses and producing biofuels which would be a milestone in the field of waste management and valorization. Adding to that, the lab also targets to design and develop electrocoagulation units for continuous treatment of agro-based effluents.

    Researchers are motivated and guided to acquire funding for their research work from several central and state government departments and also in the commercial sector. Research works carried out by the lab are published in various International and National peer reviewed journals.

    List of Major Equipment:

    1. Universal Testing Machine

    2. Ultrasonic Processor

    3. Incubator Shaker

    4. Research Centrifuge

    5. Fume Hood

    6. Vacuum Oven

    7. Hot Air Oven

    8. Visible Spectrophotometer

    9. Laminar Air Flow Chamber

    10. Microwave Assisted Extractor

    List of Scholars:

    Completed: 16; Thesis submitted: 3; Ongoing: 8

    S.No Name of the Research Scholar Research Title Year of completion /Status
    1 P Murthi Development of ternary blended concrete. 2009
    2 K Nirmal kumar Studies on suitability of industrial effluents for construction purposes. 2009
    3 K Senthilkumar Hydrodynamic studies in three-phase fluidized bed. 2011
    4 V Chitra Devi Studies on biodecolorization of cibacron reactive dyes. 2011
    5 K Kannan Hydrodynamic studies on three – phase external loop air lift fluidized bed. 2011
    6 P Akilamudhan Hydrodynamic studies on three phase internal loop and combined loop air lift reactor fluidized beds. 2012
    7 P Shanmugam Studies on production of bioethanol and its characterization blending with additives for effective use in diesel engine as diesel -bioethanol blends. 2012
    8 R Sridhar Studies on electro coagulation techniques for treatment of industrial effluents. 2013
    9 R Senthilraja Experimental Investigation of Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics of a Dual Fuel Engine with Diesel-Ethanol-Vegetable Oil and its ester Blended with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). 2014
    10 M Shanmuga Prakash Studies on Removal of Chromium (VI) and Zinc (II) Ions from Aqueous solution using Biosorption. 2015
    11 J Prakashmaran Studies on Development and Characterization of Starch Based Biodegradable Edible Films. 2015
    12 K Thirugnana sambandham Recovery of water from effluents using integrated process techniques. 2015
    13 V Sangeetha Studies on treatment and recovery of biogas from Sago and Dairy industries effluent. 2016
    14 A Sangamithra Foam Mat Drying of Muskmelon (Cucumis Melo) Pulp. 2016
    15 D Tiroutchelvame Studies on osmotic Dehydration of Fruit and Vegetables. 2017
    16 A Sudha Studies on Production of Bioethanol from Cassava Pulp and Stem. 2017
    17 K Kannan Osmo convective drying of sapota. Thesis submitted
    18 K Anbarasi Extraction of valuable components from fruit wastes. Thesis submitted
    19 S Jeeva Green process technique for extraction of oil from agro products. Thesis submitted
    20 Jony Blessing Manoj Extraction of bioactive compounds from plants. Ongoing
    21 L Antony Catherine Flora Development of Fiber Reinforced starch-based packaging Films. Ongoing
    22 J R Anupama Extraction of bioactive compounds from natural resources. Ongoing
    23 J R Baby Salini Studies on development of bio-composite. Ongoing
    24 P Prabhu Development of biodegradable films from natural resources. Ongoing
    25 E Ann Raeboline Lincy Extraction of phytochemicals from species using green solvents. Ongoing
    26 B Chindumathi NADES based extraction of valuable compounds from food processing wastes. Ongoing
    27 S Shobana Production of Biofuels from Agricultural Wastes using Designer Solvents. Ongoing