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Energy and Environmental Engineering Lab

Currently scholars are working on:

Electrochemical technology for waste water Treatment:

Electrochemical Engineering is a branch of Engineering and it is used for pollution treatment and Energy storage application. In the electrochemical technology for waste water treatment indirect electro oxidation of waste water is experimented in a batch and flow reactor.

Materials for Energy storage application:

Conversion of biomass waste, activated petroleum coke for super capacitor application and wastewater treatment.


Nano materials synthesis and its Applications:

Nanomaterial synthesis for the biomedical application is the latest improvement in nanotechnology. These nanomaterials can be used as therapeutic agent, drug carrier and also as activating agents. Since they are prepared from biological sources, they show better medical competence with fewer side effects. Ultrasound assisted green synthesis of iron oxide nano particle using Coriandrum sativum leaf extract as a reducing agent.

Conversion of Biomass in to Biofuel:

Biomass waste is pre-treated using different pre treatment techniques. After pre treatment the biomass is subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis. The hydrolyzed biomass is fermented using micro organism to produce bio ethanol.

M.Tech and Ph.D. students completed :

  • Number of Students Completed M.Tech Projects - 14.
  • Number of Students undergoing M.Tech Projects - 06.
  • Number of students Completed/Submitted Ph.D. - 02.
  • Number of Students undergoing Ph.D - 02.
  • Student Completed Ph.D. :

  • Mr. V Manimozhi (Ph.D.-Part Time) - Synthesis and characterisation of Nano ferrites and their polymeric Composite for removal of heavy Metals-completed 24th August 2018.
  • Mrs. K Sathya (ACR Fellowship)(Ph.D.-Full Time)- Ultrasound Assisted Green Synthesis Of Iron Oxide, Fe/Zn Bimetallic Nanoparticles And Their Applications- Completed 10th January 2020.
  • Student Pursuing Ph.D. :

  • Ms. B Rekha (Ph.D.-Full Time) Catalytic conversion of biomass in to biofuel-on going.
  • Mr. T T Isreal (Ph..D.-Part Time)- Bio ethylene production form bio ethanol: Modeling using Aspen Plus.